In an unknown future, the latest financial crisis has left the world in ruins. After the stock market plummeted, centralized conglomerates took control of everything, saving the big corporations and leaving the small businesses to perish. Oceans continue to be polluted by steel industries, forests burn, and icebergs thaw, making the planet increasingly uninhabitable in a last-ditch attempt to save the already impoverished economy. Unemployment, inflation, and panic fill the air, while hopelessness surrounds each family.

All hope lies in an economy of the future, a Future that is far away from this planet. A crew of intergalactic foxes has been recruited from across the universe with a single Mission: Hunt treasures in each Metaverse to establish a new base on Mars with a decentralized economy. These treasure-hunter foxes will navigate the galaxy exploring every Metaverse and Planets to expand the $FUSY token, acquire more assets and master new financial skills.

However, the ambitions of some members divide the crew into different factions, threatening the Mission and the financial future of the universe. To avoid more losses, the two Major Generals of each faction decided to resolve the conflict by relying on their strongest fighters/soldiers. The Arena is the only place where a winner is defined through a bloody battle. The ultimate winner defines the terms of victory and decides who will be permanently expelled from their new city on Mars: FusyCity.

Origin of the characters

The genesis team is mostly made up of hybrid anthropomorphic foxes. This mutant species is the product of selective evolution combined with genetic modifications to enhance survival abilities in extreme environments

The origin of this advanced species of fox is not entirely known, but it is believed that they come from an unknown planet in the constellation of Vulpecula, illuminated by the star Anser.

Description of the setting where the story takes place, geology, habitat, climate.

Foxes probably come from the Vulcupeda constellation, but that doesn't appear in the game. Their planet is located in the middle of the Summer Triangle, so the different factions take the name of the star that delimits each point of the triangle that is closest to them. L team for Lyra, A team for Aquila, and in the future the C team for Cygnus (next versions). Vega (Lyra), Altair (Aquila), and Deneb (Cygnus) may be the names of the respective Generals from each faction..

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